A person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views: Despite a general feeling that things were going well, a few naysayers tried to cast gloom.

We all have those people in our lives the naysayers. They have more power than you think. They have a way of getting to your brain and haunt you while you are not even infront of them. They are everywhere, I mean everywhere. You have them at work, your family, place of worship, clothing store, taxi, on the street, the biggest of them all you will find them on social networks.. We are living our lives constantly avoiding them.

You can not do it!!

It is too hard for you!!

This isnt for you!!

You will fail and embarrass yourself!!



These people might teach you indirectly how to fear about a project you are about to start, by telling you a story, the other one might let you believe that you could never marry the person you love because he/she is a snob (sounds familiar already?) while a third person might teach you indirectly how to fear taking risks.These people never talk about these beliefs directly but instead they tell true stories that prove these beliefs true and that’s why you always believe them.Sadly lots of the impossible things in our lives are determined by friends, coworkers and family instead of our life experiences!!

One thing that you need to remember, some of them are dealing with their own insecurities and it has nothing to do with you. They sometimes wear a mask, afraid to deal with their own issues and take it out on you. This is one of the main reasons that you need to deal with naysayers carefully. The word NGEKE is very powerful and it can cut like a sharp sword, slice your dreams into pieces.


If you believed that something is possible you will find yourself eager to achieve it.You will find yourself learning, taking steps and walking towards it until you reach it.

Warn them and Avoid them:Some people can be very depressing. They keep putting everyone down without noticing that they are doing so. You must let those negative people become aware of their actions. Warn them about the dangers and if they refused to stop then reduce the time you spend with them because whether you want or not you will be negatively affected by them

Challenge their arguments: Don’t accept anything you hear especially if it was negative, instead, challenge their arguments and ask them for solid proofs and when they tell you one of their stories tell them that one story can never be the foundation of a solid belief and that you need more evidence.

Everyone talks about his own beliefs then claim that this is how the world works: Most people will try to protect their egos by blaming others for their faults. If a girl rejected a guy he might say that she is a snob instead of saying that he did something wrong. According to his skills and qualities that’s the best that he can but who said that both of you are similar? We are all different and if someone failed to do something then this doesn’t mean that you can’t do itHow negative people affect you .

At the end of the day impilo eyakho Ntokazi you need to be able to stand your grounds, know exactly ukuthi ufunani. If you are not careful some people around you can destroy you. Phuma, qhela from people who are always negative, you will never get a trophy for associating yourself with people who bring you down or others down. Find yourself and love yourself enough to remove the naysayers.


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