Own It: Zintokazi!!

I could define the word woman in  million ways. I went through different meaning and I felt why copy what others say when I can define it my way, who can define it better than a woman herself:ME!

Woman: In my country a woman is being define as Imbokodo, a rock which can stand all sort of weather and treatment from all sorts of life. A being which was created because there was a need to fill the gab of all the imperfections of a man. A being who was created as a completion to a man. A being who can bear a child and carry a men on her back at the same time figuratively. A being who raises a nation. A being that carries a nation. A being that can comfort and carry all tears of a nation but can still stand up and smile. A being whose prayer God always hears. A beautiful creature, who her curves moves the mountain. A beautiful creature that can make the strongest man cry.( naughty smile). A being that can walk in heels whilst they hurt her to the core.


God has been so kind to make me meet thousand of women that have left a positive mark in my life. Its a privilege for me to have met such remarkable women and what I love the most about them is the fact that; they are all not aware of the impact they have on my life. When I meet such people I become like a woman who touched Jesus’s cloak, because she felt if she touched His clothes she will be healed. I have learnt so much from these women and I have grown to be the woman I am today. I got a chance to ask them few questions.

Meet Cynthia Mukhari  ok she is now a Mrs. Mazibuko. I met her whilst doing my tertiary education. It can take the whole blog, if I were to tell all we have been through together. What I learnt from Cynthia is how to love and believe in God through everything, I mean everything. When we first met we both didn’t know how well we knew and read the bible, I think it’s because we met at a school bash (giggles). I think after discovering that we both love God just the same, we used to share a bible verse every single day and explain what it meant. Our conversation automatically changed since that day and our friendship became a very spiritual friendship. I can’t describe the feeling you get when you are going through  a rough time and your friend just comes and prays for you. When you are going through a happy moment, Cynthia would say “lets pray and give all the glory to God”. God has been so good to the both of us, after more than 10 years of our friendship we still pray for one another although we stay far from each other. I love her courage, her confidence and her beautiful soul. My Mukhari.


Q. What matter most to you at this moment?

At this moment, what matters to me is life. To be completely unapologetically ME, and be beyond content with that. At the end of the day, all I have in this life is myself because once my life comes to an end I want to be okay to leave this earth knowing I have lived my life.
Q. What are your top 5 values, are you living those values today?
1. God First
2. Truth
3. Peace
4. Happiness
5. Contentment

Q. What gets you excited about life?
My dreams get me excited about life. Talking and encouraging people and helping people heal, and letting people know that we are all in this life thing together, making a difference to someone’s perception about life or the challenges they might be facing, at the end of the day we are all trying to figure this life thing out. All of us. And it gets me excited that my journey, my story is purely for someone else’s benefit.I also get excited about simple treasures. Like being healthy, seeing my child health. Being financially and
mentally stable. Being able to dream absolutely anything that I want to dream and the prospect that I can make my dreams come alive. I get excited about drawing the canvas of my life and my journey.

Q. What has the fear of failure topped you from doing? What one step could you take today to begin overcoming that fear?
I think the fear on its own can be quite crippling. And I sorely believe that what you focus on grows. So for me, the fear to fail on its own cripples me. I think for all the adventures I have not yet undertaken to do in my life, it has been because I was/am afraid of failing.
The one step I could take today is to tell my younger self that absolutely anything is possible. Don’t let the world try to convince you otherwise. I believe that when that philosophy is taught from an early age, it is easier to believe and to actually bring to life, hence I try to train my daughter to believe in herself.
Q. What motivates you to do your best?
I am motivated by the vision I have to succeed, and not only that but also to make a difference. I sometimes think it’s okay for me to be afflicted, to face challenges just as long as someone will learn from my trials.I am also motivated by the fact that life can be better that what we were led to believe it is. Sometimes as you go along life and certain people will try to tell you that you or your dreams even are not valid. I am learning that I am enough. And that I am worthy of those dreams. And that for as long as I still have breath in me I can make my dreams come true. That keeps me motivated.

Q. What is your view on self-forgiveness, do you believe it necessary?
All of the time. Sometimes we make mistakes or we fail or we face challenges, and that makes us to stop believing in ourselves and our potential. And when that happens one can even feel unworthy. So yes I do believe it is imperative to forgive yourself for that failed relationship, or for not landing that job, for anything else that does not go according to plan. And once you are able to forgive yourself, then you are able to get up, dust yourself and try again or even move on from the set back.

Q. What self-limiting belief have you been clinging to? How could your life be better if you banished this belief?
The one self-limiting belief that I have been harbouring is believing that my happiness and my success was someone else’s responsibility. Again this speaks to believing in one’s self worth. We want all these things that make us happy from the outside because we do not believe that all we need to succeed is inside of us.My life would be better if I believed in myself more. If I stayed hungry enough, if I never give up on my
dreams, even on me. If I stop settling. A mediocre life is not what I desire, so maybe I ought to start working towards an extra-ordinarily amazing life!

Q. Right now, at the very moment, what do you want most? What are you going to do about it?
Happiness.As often as it is said, happiness is an inside job. I find that I am “unhappy” when on the inside I feel unfulfilled. I have desires and aspirations that shape the nature of who I am, I need to work on making myself
more visible and stilling the whispers of inadequacy. I need to trust my own judgement more. To write my own beautiful story, I need to first believe that what lies inside of me is amazing.
Q. How could you describe your future in 3 words?
1. Beautiful
2. Complete
3. Dreamy

Thank you Cynthia, you know my love for you never expires!





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