Own it: Zintokazi

Have you ever met someone and you felt like you have known her all your life. The feeling of having already experienced the present situation. When your mind lets you know that you are in a right place  at the right time. When someones’ life is a resemblance to yours or vice versa. When  your past life is that person’s present, I don’t know if I am even making sense ooh well welcome to my life. Friendship is a very strange thing, it can take a stranger and turn it to someone closer to you like family. It connects world that never existed into a perfect picture.God has a way of making you meet people who He wants you to meet at His perfect way. It’s funny how we could travel the same road each day being strangers and years after we become friends who love each other like sisters, that is God.


Meet Imaan Pinky Sokhela, also a MRS! I hope I will be able to explain our friendship the way it is. I was at work, I got a call that there is a girl looking for me. I normally ask that people who are looking for me being given a phone so that I don’t walk down to reception to meet them. Well this case I came, she was standing there looking for a short girl (this is always her description of  me akadeleli umfazi). I don’t remember most of the details but she asked for a lift and I gave her….this is where it started. One of the things I remember is she told me she has few friends which is way opposite to me. She was very shy because she isn’t at all, okay when I am around she isn’t (giggles). Our conversations were like filling in a missing word kind of thing. We discovered we had so many things in common, what is odd and awkward to the rest of the world; is normal to our eyes. From fashion, lifestyle and type of men we  were attracted to were the same. I remember one time she was explaining what she was going through and I explained further and she asked ” Waze ngani?”. The one time I thought she was wearing my top, only to find it was hers. Half of her clothes in her closet were exactly like mine.

I told her I had dreadlocks before and I miss my  dreadlocks, I went back to my dreadlocks. We used to do each others hair, as she had dreadlocks as well. She taught me how to make accessories, we started a business of making accessories together. We discovered our parents knew each other before our existence. I discovered we played with the same kids while we were very young, we share same childhood memories yet we dont remember one another whilst young. We share the same dreams and visions. Sihlanya ngokufana, sinesbindi ngokufana. We both clumsy at times. We giggle till we fall asleep if she visits. We cry together, laugh together and mess up just the same. What is most special with this friendship is every single day, its like I havent seen her for years, we talk, laugh, dream and cry just as the first day I connected with her. I love how we both protect each other’s dreams. I will forever be grateful of the constant support I get from her. She carries my dream as if its hers. We both support each other’s businesses and we both know we are destined for bigger things….yes we love bigger things (giggles).

What matter most to you at this moment?

The most important things in my life right now includes my happiness, my family and my intellectual freedom

What are your top 5 values, are you living those values today?

  • Self-acceptance
  • Respect
  • Forgiveness
  • Optimism
  • Appreciation

What gets you excited about life?

It’s the fact that I understand that every day I get another chance, unique type of chance to be the woman who I have always wanted to be.  A woman who has passion, who is resilient, a woman who can help reignite hope and a woman who cares. 

What has the fear of failure stopped you from doing? What one step could you take today to begin overcoming that fear?

I truly believe fear steals so much from us. Fear takes always time and eats away our dreams, only bringing self-doubt. In my case I had to constantly fight with self-doubt which then prevented me from following my dreams because my mind was occupied by all the things that could go wrong. I have learnt and still learning that life is all about risks, and that’s what makes it more interesting.

What motivates you to do your best?

Its knowing that whatever good I do might help someone, that one person want to become a better human being. I am also motivated by people who love and support me, their love have pulled me through dark places where only their love was the dot of light that gave me hope and comfort.

What is your view on self-forgiveness, do you believe it necessary?

Yes definitely. I do believe that before you forgive others you first need to forgive yourself for allowing what ever happened to you to happen, for making that decision to stay. We learn from our mistakes and misfortunes. Everything starts from within. I strongly believe that a human soul cannot give what does not already exist inside them, so it is so important to go through the process of self-forgiveness which will then facilitate and make easy the process of love restoration, so that later you can be able to give nurturing and positive energy.  

What self-limiting belief have you been clinging to? How could your life be better if you banished this belief?

Belief that happiness if derived from external. Happiness is a choice that we each make. Nothing and no one can provide us with happiness. In a way I do not think I would have done anything differently as I believe that it all happens for a reason.  Every aspect of my journey I accept and acknowledge its role (lol I also know that its easier said than done).

Right now, at the very moment, what do you want most? What are you going to do about it?

Right now I want to dive into self-discovery, lots and lots of love and lastly good company and companionship (with family, friends and lover).  ooohhhhh!!! And lots of laughter!

How could you describe your future in 3 words?

  • Scary yet exciting
  • Full of positivity
  • Growth

God couldnt handle making us siblings He made us friends instead. I love you friend.



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