Am I not black enough?

You are just not black enough with your weave on!!

Why don’t you wear your hair natural?

You are so rural nje if you have your natural hair!!

Lets talk about the hatred amongst black women when it comes to their own hair. I don’t know when this world war started but most women don’t even talk to each other over this. Personally I do not think us black women when we wear our hair, it should reflect the acceptance or rejection of our BLACKNESS. Neither do I think that it is always an attempt to assimilate to white standard of beauty.imagesXY07JQ9O There are many other reasons that results in how we wear our hair: financial, medical and personal choices.I can not change my skin colour ( ok well I choose not to be uMshoza), age, gender even height. But in the spirit of what I can control, my hair is first on my list and therefore I choose to relax my hair or not relax my hair. I choose to wear a weave or not to wear a weave.

Dont make assumptions on what our hair should mean ntokazi. Dont let society school you things that have nothing to do with you. Everyday when I look at myself in the mirror I see a black woman, it doesn’t matter what hairstyle I have on. I don’t have the luxury of seeing somebody different, I still see the black woman who I am.


You would think we would celebrate the fact that we can have all these different hairstyle on without changing ourselves. You could have dreadlocks, you could relax your hair straight, you could have hair plaited, braids or even afro.imagesGFMP1SAJI can be all natural and don’t relax my hair but the maintenance that comes with having an afro ngeke dali its too much and yebo I prefer having my hair relaxed okwamanje. I used to have dreadlocks, I loved my dreadlocks and then I took them out as I was tired of them. I am still the same person I was with and without my dreadlocks.

The hatred you get from TEAM NATURAL. Bakutshela the way you are fake ngayo when you have your weave on. I could never understand that mentality, yet they themselves wear make-up. I don’t get how a weave makes you fake?imagesCVYWWCY1 The weave isn’t a permanent hairstyle, even if it is…its a personal choice. Lalela I have the invoice to prove this is now my hair, aint nobody got time for that mentality! Then comes TEAM WEAVE with their own kind of hatred. That straight hair with a price tag doesn’t mean you are better than anyone who has natural hair. It just means you decided to pay so much for hair, while other use the same money to pay their bills with or even saved it. All these TEAMS need to chill with this nonsense of hating one another over hair. Women have these unnecessary drama for no reason, the biggest fight used to be over men and now its hair??hair

If one woman decides to have her weave on that is her choice. And if she prefers her own hair natural, it is still her choice. I could never look like a white woman, ask Michael Jackson how that turned out like! I love the fact that I can have all these different hairstyles, God knew that if I had my hair like a white woman, it would limit me hence He made me a Black woman instead. Lets spread love instead of hate. Yekela ingane yabantu with her weave or her natural hair, ikuhluphephi? It’s either uyamncoma or uyamyeka phansi. It is honestly not about you. Lets stop this unnecessary hate over such useless things. Let’s all learn to be about Black Girl Power! Stop being bitter; carrying around negative energy hating other women for no reason. We are all just beautiful and we have different ways of how we wear our hair. Lets learn to respect each others choices qha!




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