Positive Energy I Choose You!

There are people and things that make me feel like I’m building my energy store, that rejuvenate me and help me to do my best work. Likewise there are people and things that zap my energy; that leaves me exhausted; that makes me feel as though I’ve wasted my time and my energy-and my day without getting anything useful done.

You need to make a decision on who to spend your precious positive energy on and eliminate the people that kills your energy.Growing up has taught me it is okay to cut people out of your life when they bring such negativity. It’s damn hard to cut them off but life gets eaier without them. 

Meet this wonderful lady Shashi, we met through our work environment and our means of communication is via the communication channels provided at work, your phone and emails only. Her professional technical and human skills are at peak and always very impressive, a very lovely woman. Our working relationship involves a telephone conversation but mainly emails where our work will enclose with a “thanks you and take care”. It has been like this for years. One day I called her doing business as usual then asked her if she was ok? She said she wasn’t well and I wished her well wishes. A month later I received an email from her saying she was going to be on sick leave for a while but gave me contact details of people to whom we must continue business with. I wished her well wishes as well, which she responded with kind words as always. A year later she was back at work, and I still working for the same company we united again. Business went back as usual then I asked her how she was copying, she was moved by my interest she even sent me a thank you card. Honestly I am remembering all of these things now because I have paid special attention to her as from yesterday. Yesterday I finally met up with her in person, we had brunch together. It was meant to be a business courtesy drinks just to do a meet and greet. First impressions lasts, and meeting a person who you have dealt with over the phone for years is kind of nerve wrecking because you don’t know what to expect.

What a lovely soul she is? She carries such positive energy around her, a storm of faith and love. Listening to her journey and what she has been through made me realize how amazing and loving God is to us humans. She has experienced God’s love in a way that I can’t expressed. But in order to see His love you have to be ready and prepared to accept it. She doesn’t let her situations and what she has been through define her, she defines her own life. She owns her destiny and she isn’t apologetic about it….listen she is very clear about it. She is a breath of fresh air, a giving human in respective of what has been taken away from her. I feel like I owe her so much, the times that I choose not to take special attention to. She taught me so much in a space of less than an hour. I felt the purpose of life, the reason for our existence and why God made us meet. I can’t express the valuable lesson I got from her yesterday and I said to myself on my Women Empowerement Events one day she will be a guest speaker. I mean it will be a privilege to have her there and a true honor. When you meet someone like Shashi and you hear her talk on how to conquer, you learn and you get thirsty to conquer your own battles. Such spirits are what motivates you and inspire you not to give up. It was like  standing in a hot shower after a long cold day….I know wherever she is, she never noticed the impact her life story had on me as I was listening to her. One day I hope we all get that opportunity to listen to her story and learn what an amazing human being she is. 

Understanding how people affect you means that you can do better job matching what you need at any given moment to what your energy requires. Like at times I need to be judicious about reducing the time I spend with people who don’t match my energy. I have recently decided to cut someone whom I used to be close to in previous years,  it wasn’t that I hate her. I am giving her the freedom she deserves to spread her energy with people who are compatible with her own energy.  Her way of handling things and people I have recently observed that they are just toxic for me, as she always makes all about herself. I feel she has issues about herself that she chooses not to confront therefore she becomes defensive and takes everything around her about herself,  my dear I am tired of dancing to that kind of music and I am letting that energy go. Bye energy bye!!

I am attracted to the following people now as I am a grown woman:

  • Buzzer- people who are thrilled to be a round other people and in the world and talking with them is like a burst of inspiration. 
  • Coaches and mentors- these people who seem to have endless store of hope and inspiration designed just for you.
  • Happy- generally positive, seems happy almost all the time, not physically happy excited as the Buzzers but are generally happy.
  • Spiritually grounded- women  that pray and connect with God are such an inspiration as they transfer that relationship to you and you always feel God’s presence when you are around them. A person that understands that without God there is no existence and through God all impossibles becomes possibles , how liberating is that knowledge and to always carry that with you!

Be a positive energy around the people you hang around with. It isn’t about whether you are good or bad it’s merely about whether or not you are the right energy for the people around you. The demons are good energy for evil people remember that! It’s important to note that not all people can fit neatly into each category and often the dynamic relationships we have with one another these categories may change. I have a friend who fits all these category on her own.

Learn to pay attention to how the people around you make you feel. You might discover that your secret to happens lies there.

Stay positive.


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