What’s  In Your Bag Ntokazi?

Don’t get me started about what’s in my bag and some just don’t get why we carry big bags. At times it’s a fashion statement; okay it’s always a fashion statement! I could be falling asleep but as soon as you touch my bag just consider yourself dead!   Dadewethu what’s really inside that bag of yours hhe?  Let’s discuss what needs to be inside and why it needs to be there.

Ok before I get all personal, let me check what’s inside my bag right now. I can’t be telling people what they need to have in their bags whilst mina I carry a dead rat around. Before I tell, let me warn you I sometimes use my bag as a secret dump site….aai not like that! I mean I dump my secret special belongings, okay I try to put it as neat as I can. (Please don’t judge me, judging me makes you nasty)

My bag:

  • My cellphone chargers we all know how Samsung phones suffer from a low battery disease.
  • My wallet – I must warn you keeping at least R50 in your bag at all times is going to prove to be a challenge. This is how you will discover that your wallet has been stolen when you try to buy Nandos. Girl I am trying here, don’t judge me!
  • Sweets and gums -You don’t want me to explain why one needs to carry this. At times I can’t function without sweets, when I am reading a book, writing exams or working I need to.
  • Pens – I love writing but at times you need to write your number or potential Mr Better’s number, phela Samsung is quite disappointing at times. Honestly I have a thing for pens, I carry my own just in case you give me your ugly pen….ooh aai dadewethu ngeke, I can’t
  • Hand lotion – I have been forced to by my mum and friends for reasons I can’t describe because it’s too embarrassing to share.
  • Lipsticks – I have learnt to carry at least 3 shades, I have copied from my friend who has a little bag of lipsticks . I have discovered they come handy as it compliments your mood at that particular time. I can wear different shades on , in just one day and feel more fabulous.
  • Notebook – My mind never rests sometimes ideas just come flowing so I have realized I have lost so many ideas because I thought I will remember them. I have so many things to remember and do and I now carry it and needs to remember to use it more, at times I forget to use it kunzima.
  • Lozenges – I suffer from tonsillitis and my life depends on them.
  • Tampon and Pads – Yhoo let me not even explain this.
  • Hair Brush – currently I have weave on, I need to have it.
  • Tissue and hand wipes- the embarrassment of being asked for a tissue as a lady and you don’t have, sengikhathele of being reminded why I should have them  I decided to have them.
  • My phones – Listen I would literally die without all my phones.
  • My car keys-there way alahleka ngayo inside my bag, I have shed tears looking for them once.
  • My office keys- I have million spare keys for my office  thway I lose my office keys; it’s ridiculous!!

So what should be in our bags?

  • Hand sanitizer 

The things we do with our hands,  the hand shakes, the things that we hold with our hands; this is a must have.

  • Safety pins

That moment when your blouse has a missing button. When the girls are too exposed for a meeting, uyazi nawe those moments when you need to keep it all together.

  • Hair pins

That windy day or when your beautiful  day have turned into a bad hair day.

  • Painkillers pills

For all the pains we get from this unpredictable life, at least it can be a temporary remedy until you get to the doctor’s room. Sometimes you don’t even need to go to the doctor these pills could just be your remedy.

  • Cash

You need money nje floating it can be as little as R20 in your bag, you never know when you might need to tip someone or bribe someone these days to save your life. I am being serious money gets people to function, it can save you from a thug who is about to take your car or bag or even your life.

  • Mirror 

Don’t you hate it when someone says you have something in your eye or teeth. I literally go on a panick mode when that happens.

  • Tampon or pads

There’s isn’t anything worse than not having a pad or tampon, like ayikho ngempela! Always be prepared.

  • Breath mints/gums 

You have just eaten the tuna sandwich hhe? You don’t wanna smell like tuna do you?

  • Lipstick or lipgloss 

Lipstick or lipgloss keeps your look  together.  You should try to maintain to look like how you were the first time you left your house and the lipstick helps with that.

  • Lotion 

Dry hands and feet? I don’t think so.

  • Small pack of tissues and wipes

Just to maintain the high level of being clean ladies.

  • Perfume

You need to always smell nice. I say you need to always smell rich to attract rich people.

These seems like a lot of staff to carry though, it’s your choice at the end of your day. But your bag isn’t for carrying stolen things or dirt. It’s not a dumping site I am agreeing with you,  your bag symbolizes so much of your personality and style therefore you need to make sure you carry the right things inside.

I have said what’s inside my bag, let me hear what’s in your bag and why do you have it? Let’s educate one another, may be there are more things that I need to add or remove lets discuss this Ntokazi. I want to hear from you, comment below….I am waiting so excitedly to hear from you.


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