For I know My Tomorrow 

I don’t know how I even got to where I am today but I am here now. All I know is that today was yesterday’s tomorrow. I never know how my day will end but I am forever grateful it doesn’t end with me. I never know what each day has for me but I know that; being alive opens new possibilities and things that have been hoped for. At any given time the sunshine can turn into grey skies and one needs to appreciate the sunshine. At any given time the grey skies can turn into sunshine; let the grey skies give you strength and endurance.

At times I sit and ask myself how I got here? I sit and listen to the voices  of the people in my head especially who said it shall never happen.  I ask myself how I broke away from their power and when did I stop listening to them. I sit and listen to the voices of people who said  it shall happen. I ask myself how I managed to believe these words.

Have you ever asked yourself how did I survive that? When you remember that particular day that you thought you were going to die. When all you could do is breathe and cry, when you felt so alone and hopeless. And look at you now?? How amazing is our God for always providing, protecting us and loving us even when we don’t deserve His kindness.

The power of prayers is beyond any explanation. My gran used to say prayer is the only freedom you have to express yourself to the most High and only true God. Through my gran I got to learn about  God and was able to express myself to the One who loves me so preciously. When things unfold right in front of your eyes just exactly how you have prayed, you are reminded of His existence. When you know you should have died long time ago but you are still breathing, you are reminded of His protection and underserved kindness. When you are as broke as a church mouse but you still have food on your table, you are reminded of  what a greater Provider He is. When you pass people going to a funeral and all your loved ones are still alive, you are reminded of His love and protection. When that boy who crushed your heart as if you are worthless gets to see you rise and find your happiness, you know He wipes tears. When you have been fired, ill-treated and unfairly treated at work and God intervenes, you are reminded of His words when He says “Whoever touches you touches the pupil of my eye”.

Today I woke up grateful and appreciating  what I have been gifted with. Mostly which I feel I don’t even deserve but  because He is forever faithful and kind to me. I am so grateful for my family for all the love and fights. I can not mention the undeserved kindness that my mum has shown me. That woman has travelled trillion miles for me, miles I could never travel for myself. And God has been extra kind when it comes to my friends, I believe I have thee best of friends. A bunch of amazing, intelligent and spiritual women. Women who carries my soul,  we love each other so dearly and we always support each other’s progress. I am grateful for every person who has showed me love and kindness. That is why I always show kindness to people close to me even though sometimes I am being questioned for it. If there is something that my mum taught me is always see the good in people who you love and always show then kindness.

I close this post with these words that I woke up saying:

I don’t know about tomorrow.I just live for day-to-day. I don’t borrow from the sunshine. For it’s skies may turn to gray. Many things about tomorrow.I don’t seem to understand.But I know who holds tomorrow.And I know who holds my hand.


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