Boss Lady

An urban dictionary defines a boss lady as: a woman in control. She runs the show. She is cool, collected and gets the job done. She is confident and never looks down on others. She respects  others because she is the BOSS LADY.images

For too long, this word has held a negative connotation to it, it has planted seeds in the minds of girls and young women that somehow expressing themselves it’s a bad thing. We need to educate ourselves to try to see good in every situation in order to stop seeing or assuming all things are bad. The minute people hear the word boss, they shut down and associate it with it being mean and evil. Truthfully speaking not all bosses are bad, I have lived to work for good bosses so I will never agree when someone believes the word boss only means evil.

As women we need to start realizing that we have so much strength and talent. We do not live in the days where women were sidelined. We are just as capable as men and I would like to believe we are capable of doing more than what men can do. We have to start recognizing the God-given talent and walk the walk and even talk the talk, I mean that alone is BOSS! As a woman you need to know that you are smart, you are a leader and you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to it. If you don’t know how smart you are, let me remind you. Remember Eve from the bible and what she did to Adam, if you dont believe me read Genesis 3:6. It takes a smart human to do what she did to Adam, I mean convincing Adam relax!67e3457642d406a058d087426c6f8b14

As a woman you have to realize the power of your mouth. Doll you are what you say you are. When called bossy, recognize your leadership skills. It takes a boss to lead lady, and never forget that not everyone is capable of leading. As women we need to stop this thing of letting other people tell us how to live our lives. I just don’t understand this pressure that is drowning us, wanting an approval of certain individuals. It is okay not to belong, you don’t have to belong somewhere in order to be human. Stop that nonsense and be comfortable in your own skin and be the BOSS LADY in your life.

I have been priviledge to have been surrounded by many boss ladies, some I am close to and some I just know them.  I will do a small coverage of these women although I think each deserves a full coverage.

Khanyo and Pinky.

These two women are my best friends, my go-to-girl in all situations. Do not be fooled by their charm, when it comes to work they are Boss Ladies.tlc They both run their own businesses,  they are  hands-on and do not try them unless you are ready.They both in a fashion industry, with one having an accessory business and the other clothing business. Listen Khanyo is into catering as well, I mean Hello Boss Lady! Pinky is a professional psychologist as well, such a Boss Lady. I am so excited to be part of this new business venture that has resulted in the 3 of us working together. This picture is everything to me, the beginning of greater things to come. When our hardworks start to show, it just makes me smile and say ” Look at God”.


I met Ntombi through Khanyo, who are both friends. She runs a succesful salon at our mall.ntomb A very stylish young woman, down to earth and sweet. At times I used to wonder if she is even able to be strict and then you look at how succesful her business is, if that is not proof enough I dont know what it, ooh yes honey, keep grinding Boss Lady.


I once worked with Swazi  a Senior Financial Manager by profession, who is friends with Ntombi and Khanyo. From my experience with her I dont doubt her leadership skills. She is one bubbly woman, she owns a restuarant/ lounge with her husband. That place is swazialways busy with different artists coming almost every weekend. It takes a strong lady with good working ethics to run such business. It takes a Boss Lady to pull such business.


This is Pinky’s best friend. She is a pharmacist by profession and also in fashion business where she sells sunglasses and lipstick to us ladies.  I just love her sense of humour and style. She isnt scared to share her personal views and stand by her believes, at times it takes balls to do that and of course you have to be a Boss Lady to pull such.


I met this woman visiting my aunt one day and she happens to be Khanyo’s friend as well and my other friend’s boss. philileShe is one outspoken women who strive for the best at work. She is such a hardworker, I know she has managed to achieve clean audits where she has worked before, a true definition of a Boss Lady.


Jabu was my deputy mayor where I first started working. Then I met her through my aunt and Philile. As one grew older our path connected yet again thanks to Khanyo. I would give this woman a  noble prize for humanity , I have lived to see her hardwork and what a Boss Lady she is.jabu She has been a mayor for a district and now a speaker to our local municipality. It takes a woman who is fierce as hell to be able to sit in these positions. One thing that I mostly adore about her; is her humbleness and respect for  people. She is such a light and a super sweet woman to be around and of course a remarkable motivational speaker. I mean she has been a Boss Lady for decades now.


I have know this young lady all her life. Its makes me so proud to see her grow into this sucessful woman. She owns a decor company, I have seen pictures of the work that she has done but she excelled at her wedding.nonceba I have always known her to be this shy lady up until I saw her working. A real meaning of a Boss lady, very professional and strict. I recommend her fully to anyone who wants to hire her.


Listen this friend of mine fits all definition of a Boss Lady. A born hustler, a sweet and incredible forceful woman.nolwazi She gets things done, she calls herself Majesty already.  I really adore her  determination, a hardworker and also a bookworm. A very intelligent pretty face. Do not let that craziness fool you she stings like a bee. She is into tenders, what others call a tenderpreneur.


I work with Phili so I know her pretty well. She is such a workaholic just like myself. We both work ungodly hours till the morning. She doesnt rest until all is done. You can always trust the work she does because you know it is done by the book. It is always good to be around women who works tirelessly and who ensures that all goals are achieved. At some point in time she was my Boss at work.

Mpume and Mbali

These are my aunt’s best friends I can say this with no shame I have made both mine. The most sweetest and loving souls. I just can’t get enough of them and I have been so privileged to have learnt so much from them.  From how to shop for your house, to cooking skills and business. They both into catering, when it comes to cooking just move over, the closest to a professional chef. Besides catering they both into fashion as well, one selling exclusive bags and there other fragrances. Somehow God put us together, I call each mom because they are Boss Ladies like that.

I mean there are just plenty of these women, I could write a book about them. Women that are extremely successful, confident, strong and have plenty of power… who are in control, in charge, who holds their own, giving others standards to abide by… who are independent, intelligent, respected and knows exactly what they wants and needs and not afraid to speaks their mind.

Lastly my definition of what a Boss Lady is: She is the Alpha Bitch (not in a terrible way but a good bitch), she is the Type A Female. Everyone feels the presence she carries. She knows how to run things, and she is the queen of her kingdom — you can’t blame her for that. Whether it’s at work or at play, she a brilliant thing to behold. Waiting for an approval from people on how she should live her life? She is not about that life. She walk right through the velvet ropes if you know what I mean. She knows everyone worth knowing. She delivers the hard truth that most people are even scared to hear. Some might call her mean, but she is  really just honest. Ok let me stop here but for all the women that are just constantly hustling may the sky be the only limit. And lastly let’s not forget to support one another because Boss Ladies supports each other and grind together. 


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