Why fall inlove??

Usually we fall in love with a person that we find obviously attractive or appealing and appropriate for us, but we both need to be attracted to one another. We usually tend to miss out on an opportunity to fall in love, but that only happens when we feel good about ourselves. Like reading new novel that you have been anticipating to read for so long, or decided to buy a new novel and read it. The first chapter you get introduced to new characters or even a storyline, as you continue reading you get familiar with certain characters and you can even detect how the storyline will end up like and to your surprise it takes a different turn, you then find yourself not being able to put the book down. This is how falling in love is like with us humans, the fact that there is an attraction it offers a signficant opportunity-when we perceive this, we feel a surge of exhilaration.

Others believe we fall in love with someone who we have known for a while, but life has proven me wrong in my own experience I have fallen with a person I hardly known. Falling in love happens differently between people. I have grown to learn that besides the appearance what matters more to me is kindness, confident and intelligence; those are the strongest characteristics that are important in the process of falling in love. Kindness remains my strongest attributes and is an indicator for a happy relationship. Laughter becomes a remedy for all troubles.

Do you remember how you fell in love with your current partner? Cupid can find you anywhere , you could be walking down the street, nothing unusual and suddenly he comes out from a nearby shop and you just happen to fall in love with him, love at first sight. It’s amazing how the mind works, you could be busy with other things not caring or looking for love but when it finds you, it prisons you. Sometimes you can fall for someone you never thought you would ever love, that is what I call power of attraction. Sometimes we are usually unaware of our subconscious criteria and that is why we usually describe love as a mysterious thing that follows no rules but truth is that- when we become aware of our subconsciously criteria we are able to know why we fall in love with certain people and not others.

Being in love is great for many reasons but for me the most important one is that this is when you build the foundation of your relationship. This is when you learn and care for each other’s needs and feelings. So should you both find yourselves falling, these memories of how you both fell in love can rescue the relationship. The act of kindness can go a long way.

I have asked different people including myself of why they fell in love and this is the reasons:

  1. If you smell right

Smell has a certain power for us woman, I am guilty as charged. I don’t know what it really means but my mind and heart functions at the same rate when a man wears a good perfume. Literally my mind starts pumping and my heart starts thinking, everything stops functioning. I know love found me through a smell, I then took notice of everything he was doing from how he was breathing, I think I was probably counting every single breath that he was taking.

2. Voice

I will try to write this as clean as I can. A voice can signals an interest. Us woman we tends to lower our voices when we are attracted to someone. Please do not even try to deny this if you are a woman, when he calls you, don’t you suddenly change your voice when you talk to him? Ok I will not elaborate how far this voice go.

3. Stare at each other’s eyes for too long

I honestly don’t stare at strangers that is just weird for me. But I know men interpret it differently, you could be taking to a man about flies and the minute you look at him right in the eye, he interprets as if you want him…..maara how? Weren’t we talking about flies just a second?? I guess it works for others because I don’t understand how romantic flies could ever be to make me fall for a guy.

4. If you are tall

Can I just be mute here and type absolutely nothing. Research has proven that tall men make more money than everybody else, I mean women and money goes together lets all admit it.

5. If you live in a beautiful home

The question is how did you get to see his home before falling in love is an article for another day, but surprisingly some do the visit first before they fall in love. More like I need to taste it before I buy it kind of thing, we call such things ADULTHOOD.

6. If you don’t like them on your first meeting

That hatred sometimes is sexy, that bit of a rejection that gets you worked up and shoot you straight to your veins and later on shoots to places I can not mention here because I am a child of God and I plan to remain like that.

7. If you smile a lot

I don’t know what this implies; that people who smile a lot have more ex’s because they have been smiling since day one. Smile reflects kindness, confident and happiness, we all want to be close to someone who is constantly happy because happiness is contagious.

8. Music and Food

If we have the same taste in music and we are eating the same food….that is just a marriage proposal right there. If we sing terrible together and we still manage to love each other, I mean who can come between this wooden-mic performance.

9. Religion

A man who pray to God is everything, a man that knows that there is Someone above all mankind and have faith in Him, is a complete package. Some don’t get why this always works with women, with all the cruelty in the world come this someone whose life is lightened by God. God is love, so anyone who allows such love in his life and mostly recognises the living-God as his savior. His conscious always guides him and reminds him that; God sees us even in our darkest corners. Not all but those who exercise faith in God try to live their lives as morally clean as possible. Ok may be I am just describing my Mr Right, who only exists in my head.
There are plenty reasons why people fall in love but the good thing about falling love is that you are showered by good feelings that you don’t even know they existed in you. It is a strange and credible feeling. The good thing about falling in love is that it teaches your to be selfless, you make sacrifice for love and you compromise. You feel connected to the other individual in a point that this individual becomes a part of you-in the psyche, quite literally. The most important thing you need to know about being in love is understanding why you feel the way you do, and why you choose the lovers you do, can not only help you understand yourself, but also help you understand the person you are looking for. In the world where there are too many options and not enough time to sample, being efficient with learning who you are  and aren’t compatible with could mean the difference between a happily ever after and a solitary future. You can continue believing the fairly tales that you were raised on, but from my personal experience, life never mirrors what we were taught was the ” correct” way to love. I mean you could be a virgin till 40 years, that doesn’t guarantee you a perfect partner….I mean losing your virgin at 15 years neither seals you a better romantic life since you started IT earlier. This is just my observations and opinions you don’t have to take it too serious.






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