On the 27th of April we had our first Women empowerment gathering. It was such a surprise because all guests were not aware of this event except that they were invited for a house-warming party. It was such a nightmare to pull this events, lots of sleepless nights and a storm of fear. The event went perfectly and I was so pleased to see that everyone was very relaxed and comfortable but mostly engaging in all topics. It was such one inspirational evening and I am looking forward to more coming events.

The theme was : African Headwrap and African Necklace. Each woman had to stick to the theme as it was part of the surprise. We then had 3 guest speakers who each had to prepare a speech which had an impact on her life, the lesson and expectations. After each speaker we all had engagement and raised questions.

This day will always be very special to me because I shared it with the most important people in my life my family and friends although some couldn’t make it but I knew that if they did make it, it was going to be even more special. When imbokodo ihlangana there is this strong force that can move mountains, kuba ngathi we are in one spirit. I look forward to this journey to be a better woman.


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